“Soulstice – Luna’s Dream” is a Provocative New Teen Vampire Romance

It’s a four-part book series, beginning with the tale of a forbidden but simple romance among a teenage human and a vampire. The drama takes region at a excessive faculty in the redwood forests of the Pacific coast, in a city with a large population of American Indians. There is a indistinct chance of werewolves, although none were visible in these elements in lots of years. This is the saga of Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, of Stephenie Meyer’s phenomenally popular Twilight novels, proper?

Well, not precisely Vampire Cafe Tokyo.

The new Twilight is Soulstice: Luna’s Dream by Lance Dow and co-author Keana Texeira. Texeira is a triple danger: she co-writes the collection, acts in the upcoming film (Lance Dow wrote the screenplay; look for it in 2011) and plays at the soundtrack.

Soulstice is the tale of 15-12 months-antique Luna Tremaine, a teenage vampire. She was born a vampire, now not made by being bitten. Her dad and mom have two different children, older sister Christian and little sister Skyla. Some sibling rivalry between the 3 sisters is to be suspected, however Christian tracks Luna like a bloodhound when she first suspects Luna is growing a weigh down on Paul James, the fabulous human quarterback who just transferred from a one-of-a-kind college.

Luna has a valid motive to be concerned about Paul: the college’s vampire upper crust, the Queen Bees, are out to get him. They plan a slow and painful dying for their trophy boy as they drain him of blood. Luna wants to defend Paul, but from the first time they almost kiss, she suspects the human is the affection of her life. That’s horrific; vampires are presupposed to be a secret from people, despite the fact that they live collectively with out the humans realizing it. It means turning towards her circle of relatives, her bff Lily Burgoyne and the code of vampire society, but Luna knows she need to guard Paul James from falling sufferer to the Bees.

Luna is a realistic teen, from her defiant streak all the way down to her iPod selections. Soulstice captures the thrills of youngster love the way Romeo & Juliet does. For that reason alone it’ll appeal to lovers of Twilight who can’t get enough of Edward and Bella’s towards-all-odds romance. It additionally contains lots of movement. The scene of Luna and Lily confronting the Killer Bees in a deadly display-down is a heart-stopper.

Up till nowadays, you couldn’t find Soulstice in bookstores and could simplest study it as an ebook. The paper model is now formally launched. You should purchase it from the Soulstice internet site; the softcover version is $21 if shipped in the U.S., and is derived with a unfastened bookmark. It makes a wonderful summer time read whether or not in e-book or the old-fashioned way. Download it onto your pc and study it on a wet afternoon as you sit for your preferred cafe sipping iced lattes, or take the paperback version to the beach on a sunny day. Look for it in bookstores quickly.