The End of the Landfill Era and the Future of Rubbish Removal in London


Landfills are one of the oldest waste management systems. Since the 1950s, rubbish removal in London has hinged on landfills. No doubt, landfills played a crucial role in shaping our modern world. However, they have become a thing of the past. Thanks to our growing environmental consciousness, the negative consequences of landfills on our health and the environment is now well-known and is a cause for concern.

Why Landfills Do not Work

One of the main ideas behind landfills was to keep toxic chemicals from spreading through the environment as rubbish decomposes. However, landfills are not very effective at doing this. In 2016, The Independent reported that thousands of landfills across the UK could leak dangerous substances into the environment if subjected to flooding and erosion. According to experts, nearly 3,000 rubbish dumping sites across the UK are located in flood plains. Also, about 1,655 of these sites contain dangerous chemicals. Exposure to chemicals from landfills through the air, soil or water can have serious health effects such as cancer, congenital disabilities, genetic mutations, and more.

Apart from potentially exposing residents to dangerous chemicals, landfills produce harmful gases like CO2 and methane, which contribute to global warming. Landfills also pollute the soil and groundwater. It poses a threat to both animal and plant life, and the repercussions could last for hundreds of years. While landfills are better than open waste dumping sites, they are just as problematic.

Recycling is the Ultimate Solution for Rubbish Removal in London

Waste disposal experts have sought to mitigate the harmful effects of landfills by treating toxins, greenhouse gases, and leachate. However, this is a stop-gap solution at best. A more lasting solution for waste disposal is recycling. After all, only a fraction of the waste in landfills is decomposable.

The future of rubbish removal in London hinges on recycling. Recycling is environmentally friendly. Additionally, it creates jobs and opens an avenue for generating money from the sale of recycled items. Recycling is already gaining traction in the UK, and the trend is expected to increase in the coming years. The recycling rate in the UK rose to 45.2% in 2017. Meanwhile, just 12.5% of all waste was deposited in landfills.

What is Your Role in Fighting Against Landfills?

As an individual, it is easy to assume that the task of combating the use of landfills rests in the hands of the authorities. But that is not entirely true. You can play your part by choosing a waste disposal company that focuses on recycling and not dumping in landfills. This will put pressure on other waste disposal companies to change their practices. The use of landfills will only cease to be a trend if individuals like you only if you stand against it.

Clearabee Diverts 95% of the Waste it Collects From Landfills

Clearabee is one of the leaders of rubbish removal in London. The company has been against reliance on landfills. This company focuses on recycling rather than dumping your rubbish in landfills. Clearabee has created over 600 recycling plants across the UK. This is a practice that other waste disposal companies in the UK and all over the world must emulate.

Apart from opting for recycling over landfills, Clearabee also seeks to reduce the carbon emissions of its garbage lorries by choosing vehicles made with an ultra-light chassis. The company also tracks its drivers and ensures that they are using the most efficient routes. Moreover, Clearabee has more than 100 outposts all over the UK; so its sanitation workers never have to travel far to get to you regardless of where you are located.

Clearabee is your number one choice for rubbish removal in London and other parts of the UK. The company provides a complete waste management solution. This includes providing skips, dustbins, wheelie bins, and a fleet of lorries to empty them. Clearabee’s lorries are always on-time, and the company’s staff are highly trained. You can now book with Clearabee anytime of the day.